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Ann Sun


Hi, my name is Ann Sun and I am passionate about restoring your balance and helping you to be pain free


My qualifications: 

  • Registered Acupuncturist

  • BHsc (Acupuncture), Dip.CHM (Chinese Medicine)

Professional Biography

Ann is a 3rd generation Acupuncturist. She has watched her father and grandfather help alleviate suffering in their patients most of her life. In her late teens, she started to appreciate that there were so many people who had lost their balance in life due to their pain and illnesses. Ann was inspired by her father to help those in need to restore balance, health and wellbeing through Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. So, she decided to become an acupuncturist to serve our community. Ann is very passionate about her work, and is dedicated to treating her patients with skill and compassion.


Ann Sun is well qualified as a registered acupuncturist through the NZRA (The New Zealand Register of Acupuncturist Inc) and is an ACC treatment provider. She studied Acupuncture & Herbal in NZSATCM (New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine), and holds a bachelor of health science (acupuncture) and diploma of Chinese Herbal Medicine.


For more than 5,000 years, Acupuncture has become known to be a safe, effective and well-researched form of complementary and alternative therapy worldwide. 

As such, Acupuncture is an ancient and unique system of techniques that treats illness and improves health by stimulating specific points on the body. Acupuncture and related techniques redirect and optimise the flow of "qi" (or energy) throughout the body to restore balance. It is a natural, drug free and surgery free way of approaching health and dis-ease.



Acupuncturists use multiple techniques:

  • Traditional acupuncture - ultra-fine needles used at specific points along defined pathways (meridians)

  • Therapeutic application of heat (moxibustion)

  • Vacuum pressure (cupping)

  • Electrical micro-current (electroacupuncture)

  • Chinese massage (tui na)

  • Chinese exercise system (tai ji)