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Kerry Dell


I am a multi-skilled and tenacious professional with a diverse experiential base.


My day-to-day responsibilities include coaching individuals and groups on their health, explaining benefits of correct supplements and how our bodies react to natural health and nutrition. With a relentless passion for personal development, I have become a life-long learner and sharer of knowledge. I have helped many people to achieve their optimal levels of performance through the establishment of my own personal development courses and motivational speaking platforms.

Corporate Wellbeing
Having an innate ability to drive and motivate teams to success, I have consistently improved the performance of corporate annual sales targets from an under-performing 60% (on average) to over 100% within a 6-month period, by implementing overall health and wellness programmes.

Professional Training
My health studies have included diplomas in Reflexology, Aromatheraphy, Nutrition, Anatomy, Physiology, Hypnotherapy, Geopathic Stress, Meridians and have completed numerous courses which include Climate Reality with Al Gore, Wild Fit with Eric Emandes, and many more.

Media Appearances
I have been a TV presenter for a show called EarthBeat and a radio presenter for my own show called Thrive Time.

I am passionate about living the best life possible and helping other to live their best life possible.