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Pain Free Hockey – from the ground up. Advise from “The Gait Doctor”

Pain Free Hockey – from the ground up. Advise from “The Gait Doctor”

Winter means hockey. The best way to stay on the pitch and win, is to remain injury free.  Prevention is way better than treatment.  Here is a great tip to keep you on the pitch

The role good quality footwear cannot be understated.  However, sometimes, good boots are just not enough. Performance and injury prevention are often dependent on controlling your foot biomechanics inside the boots. Custom foot orthotics, prescribed by Dr Cherye Roche, uniquely for your feet, using the GaitScan System®, and designed specifically to fit inside your hockey boots, can have a significant impact on your game performance, and reduce your risk of injury?

Inserting custom foot orthotics, into your boots, will make your feet more comfortable and reduce the risk of injury, as they will help to stabilize your feet. For example, if you overpronate more on one foot than the other, custom orthotics will help to control abnormal foot movement and prevent the subsequent stress on the muscles and tendons that occurs with abnormal pronation.  Ever wonder why it is usually one joint, on one side of the body, and not the other.  Both legs have walked and played the same amount, why is just one of them bothering you?  Because your biomechanics are asymmetrical.  Therefore, your orthotics need to be prescribed for each foot individually, and they should look different form each other. The Gait Doctor can analyse the problem, give you a functional diagnosis, and provide custom orthotics that are unique to you.

This will optimize your performance by improving your quickness and power. If the push off is more balanced and powerful, this will improve your technique as it will give your foot better function and control. Also, custom orthotics may reduce your fatigue on the pitch. As they make your muscles more efficient, you won’t tire so quickly. Injuries often happen when muscles and tissues become fatigued. Preventing or reducing fatigue will be instrumental in decreasing the occurrence of both acute and overuse injuries.

Orthotics can help with a wide range of issues including: foot arch / heel pain (plantar fasciitis), anterior knee pain (patellofemoral pain / Osgood-Schlatters), hip pain (iliotibial band syndrome), and the ever present low back pain that is ever so common in hockey players. My motto is; “A balanced body will heal itself”. 

So, if you want to play without the pain of nagging injuries, and/or you want to improve your speed, quickness, power and endurance on the pitch, make an appointment today to see Dr. Cherye Roche, The Gait Doctor, for a biomechanical assessment, gait analysis using GaitScan® technology – and the provision of custom orthotics that will revolutionize your game.  See you soon!