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Han Sung Min


BHSc, DHMedicine 
Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Violinist

Han is a NZ qualified acupuncturist and herbalist. 

After graduating medical school in Korea he trained with masters in oriental medicine for 3 years in an emergency hospital. He expanded his acupuncture skills by treating conditions such as cancer, MS, extreme pain relief, etc.

Han is passionate and dedicated to improving people’s health and well-being through an integrated approach with acupuncture, herbal medicines, and dietary advice.

He is a firm believer that there is a solution to every problem if one focuses on “Balancing the Body”. Problems often arise when your body's ability to heal itself becomes compromised, but we possess the power of healing within each and every one of us. Because of this belief, Han takes great care in listening, understanding, and finding the best possible solution in order for you to achieve your best health. Instead of just treating the symptom Han always looks for the root cause when treating patients.

Han also uses music therapy with acupuncture treatments to cause the energy to flow in body, so the body can balance itself, prevent injuries, and to relax the muscle and tendons better.

Han has played the violin since he was kid. He has won many awards and has representing New Zealand on the world stage.

He will guide you through your healing journey by providing you with the acupuncture skills.

If you have any pain or internal symptoms, chronic or acute, try an acupuncture session with Han, you will see results in one session !!

"A balanced body will heal itself".