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Megan Nielsen


At Pure Healthcare we are very excited to have Megan Nielsen as part of our acupuncture team. It is our good fortune that Megan (an American), her Kiwi husband Mark, and their toddler son, Connor, emigrated to New Zealand in early 2017 from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. She now brings her amazing clinical skills and experience to Pure Healthcare.

Megan loves working with women and families to support and maintain health and vitality. Her clinician focus is on internal medicine, fertility (infertility), women’s health, pregnancy and pediatrics.

Megan’s interest in integrative medicine began with her BA in Human Biology from Stanford University in California, followed by a year studying various holistic modalities at the world renowned Esalen Institute. She earned her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Five Branches University, and is licensed in the USA and New Zealand as an acupuncturist and herbalist.

To advance her studies in women’s health and fertility, Megan has traveled twice to Bali to spend several months volunteering as an acupuncturist at a birthing/women's clinic. Additionally, she has studied in Hangzhou, China to complete an advanced internship program at the Zhejiang Medical Hospital, working alongside Chinese doctors integrating TCM and Western Medicine in hospitals and clinics providing fertility treatment for women with a variety of fertility issues.

Megan’s ten years in practice have furthered her knowledge, passion and belief that conventional and alternative therapies can co-exist, and complement one another to achieve excellent results. She is also able to work within the Western model to diagnosis and treat, and is able to refer, and integrate treatments with your doctor or other practitioners.

Megan says; “My intention is to create customized treatment plans specifically tailored to you and your specific health challenge. At your initial appointment, I take a detailed health history and conduct a thorough examination. Principles of Chinese Medicine are applied to identify causes associated with your condition. A diagnosis is determined, and a customized treatment plan, incorporating acupuncture, Chinese herbs, supplements/nutritional advice, and lifestyle recommendations is provided and discussed with you in detail. Everything is explained, including number and frequency of treatments as well as the costs.”