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Yuriko Zimmatore


Bachelor of Acupuncture (BAcu) Den Haag, The Netherlands
Facial Enhancement Acupuncture (Fea) Truro, UK  
Basic Western Medicine (BMed-SNRO) Den Haag, The Netherland 
Japanese seitai (physiotherapy) (JNUCP) Tokyo. Japan

Yuriko is fluent in Mandarin, Japanese and English. She graduated from the Japan National Union for Chinese Physiotherapy (TCM) in 1998. After graduating she practised TCM techniques in Tokyo, firstly as an employee and then running her own clinic.

During this time she encountered all aspects of physical ailments such as back pain, headache, frozen shoulder, hernia and knee pain all of which she treated successfully.

As time progressed she became more and more aware of the trend in women for enhancing their facial beauty.

It is well know that Asian women, especially Japanese and Korean, have always been conscious of their facial appearance and spend a great deal of time and effort to maintain their looks. This led Yuriko to specialize in facial rejuvenation acupuncture. After 15 years of experience in general TCM practice in Japan, Yuriko looked to expand her expertise and understanding of facial beauty procedures. At this time she discovered that cutting edge research in beauty techniques were being developed in Western clinics, especially by the big cosmetic companies. Advanced studies in these breakthrough technologies were available on courses in Europe and this prompted Yuriko to travel to the Netherlands. There she enrolled on an advanced clinical course run by the world renowned TCM practitioner, Dr Shu Huai He, Professor Emeritus of Beijing University. To gain practical experience with the course materials she interned with Tong Ren Tang, a corporation well-known by Chinese communities throughout the world. European legal standards also require TCM practitioners to have a basic knowledge of medicine, so Yuriko also completed a one year course in basic Western medicine whilst she was in the Netherlands. To finalize her study program in facial rejuvenation acupuncture, she also completed a specialized Facial Enhancement Acupuncture course run by Paul Adkins in the UK.

Yuriko was born in China so her native language is Mandarin. After 15 years in Japan she speaks Japanese like a native and being married to an Englishman means she also speaks fluent English. These languages, combined with the qualifications gained on completing her courses, prompted Pure Healthcare to offer her a position in their Albany clinic, which she accepted. Here she uses her skills in Chinese pulse, face and tongue diagnosis and traditional acupuncture to generate a healthy body and general well-being.

For the facial rejuvenation treatments she incorporates the techniques of TCM with the most up to date innovations from Western science and medicine in facial enhancement. With the combination of these two disciplines she offers a comprehensive beauty regime based on TCM acupuncture and modern Western developments. As part of this service she uses a sophisticated skin analysis instrument to produce a skin diagnosis. While the client is generating qi through the acupuncture treatment, Yuriko studies the technical data from the skin analysis and formulates custom-made facial serums for each client. This personalized serum preparation service is unique to Pure Healthcare and is not available anywhere else in New Zealand.

It is anticipated that each client will feel well and happy from traditional TCM and acupuncture application and as a result of the facial rejuvenation program will radiate a glowing complexion. Many comment that this shines through as a more youthful appearance. As Shakespeare said “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Yuriko invites you to come in and behold the results for yourself.