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Massage / Exercise Rehabilitation / Fitness Expert

Exercise Physiologists have a unique ability to incorporate sporting performance with injury management and biomechanics.  It involves prescribing specific exercise programs for people from all levels of health and fitness. This ranges from sub-acute sports injuries and post orthopaedic surgery to elite level athletes looking for more specificity in their training regimes. In addition, Exercise Physiologists have experience in the management of chronic disease problems such as diabetics, heart disease and obesity through exercise and working with special populations such as children, elderly and stroke patients. 

A healthy lifestyle is a combination of spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. The aim is to help you achieve full physical health through custom designed fitness programs.  These can range from disease prevention for osteoarthritis, lower back pain, cardiovascular disease and diabetes to managing anxiety related disorders and depression. 

Research has shown that participation in regular activity and exercise provides the following medical & health benefits:

  • Improvement in cardiovascular function
  • Helps reduce high blood pressure & cholesterol
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Enhance feelings of well being
  • Enhance work performance & ability to concentrate

All sessions will include a comprehensive analysis of your current levels of fitness and goals and I will then put together a program that may include any of the following:

  • Sport specific & technique training
  • Rehabilitation & injury re-training
  • Resistance & strength development
  • Pregnancy related fitness 
  • Core stability strengthening
  • Chronic disease & weight management
  • Body composition assessment
  • Sport Massage Therapy