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Get Relief from a stiff neck

Get Relief from a stiff neck

Improve your range of movement, headaches and tension with a beneficial massage from Sian at Pure Healthcare.


Constant stiffness and aches in the neck can make life challenging, whether it be affecting your work and hobbies, or quite simply the way you function on a day to day basis. Massage therapy has proven to help the pain in the neck’ (no, I am not talking about your kids or that annoying co-worker) and improve the range of movement and overall feeling of better wellbeing.


There are many causes of the pain and stiffness you feel in your neck and shoulders; including stress, poor posture and muscle strain, all of which can be helped by massage therapy. You will feel the benefits whether you have suffered for years or this is a new ache. Massage therapy has proven time and time again to work; it reduces stiffness by the release of positive endorphins; which are the natural pain relievers of the body, it relieves tension through the increase in blood flow, the warming of the muscles and the positive physical touch. (1)


Different causes of the pain and stiffness you feel in your neck will require a different style of massage therapy, such as trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage or a gentler approach through relaxation massage. There is benefit for everyone! Along with massage therapy, there are always things you can do to help yourself at home or in the workplace for temporary relief, for example using a wheat-pack (or something similar) and stretching. The warmth of the wheat-pack will help ease the muscles and increase blood flow to the tense area. Stretching; certain stretches given to you by your massage therapist should be done with good technique and what they prescribe to you individually to avoid further injury.


Although massage therapy should be your first port of call (I may be a little bit bias!), if you are suffering from the ‘pain in the neck’ and have tried many methods of treatment with no avail, go on and do yourself a favour and seek out a qualified and professional massage.


If you any questions or queries on this topic or other pain and injury you may be facing, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me, Sian, at Pure Healthcare.




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