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Is 2014 you year to reclaim your health and vitality?

Is 2014 you year to reclaim your health and vitality?



You know the basics…. Less alcohol, less junk food, more veggies, more exercise. Since you know this, why do you not just get on with it? So let’s look at this a bit differently.



Here are three big challenges that many face when trying to get healthy:

1. Exercise hurts! - If you have pain in your joints or muscles, especially in the feet, knees, hips or back, then you are not going to be able to get moving. So, if you have had some treatment, with no joy, perhaps a different perspective will help. At Pure Healthcare, we look at you in a holistic manner to check for underlying subtle problems that compromise your recover. So, if you have one foot bunion that is bigger than the other, legs that are uneven in length, pains all on one side of your body, or aches and pains that get better with treatment, but return when you stop the therapy, then we can help. Our Chiropractors are experts at working all of this out. They work as a team, with our massage therapists and acupuncturists to get you moving again, pain free! Yes we are ACC registered. 2. Health information is confusing and contradictory! – Is the Paleo diet really the way to go? Should I go raw? Statistically, diets never work anyway, so why even try? Is organic really important? And then there is the whole supplement thing! Are vitamins important? If so, what kind and how much should I take? Is Dr. Oz right about any of it? Yikes – far too much to try to research and understand on your own. Especially when the answer to any of these questions depends on your age, gender, body type, past medical history, allergies, food sensitivities, lifestyle and budget. However, getting proper advice from a qualified Naturopath can sort this all out for you, with a personalized plan to get started and keep you on track while you create a new healthy lifestyle.

3. Motivation to keep it up is really hard! – This is where the spirit part of mind / body / spirit comes into play. Meditation, relaxation, focus and attention to your intention, can make all the difference. Research shows that people who have a Spiritual practice are healthier and heal from injury and illness better and faster. Turns out, it does not matter what your Spiritual practice is, just that you have one. Some would say that we are Spiritual beings having a Human experience, not the other way around (read that again please). Try simply going to Youtube and searching for “Guided Meditation for (fill in the blank – health, wellbeing, relaxation, stress relief, prosperity, love, etc). You will find a plethora of great audio and video recordings to get your head, heart and Spirit right. Our advice is to change the first hour of your day, and it will change your life. Start with the right fuel, 10 minutes of focused breathing, and 30 min of movement, and you will reap the benefits in no time. There are three critical keys to success in achieving optimal health and wellness. Investing your time, money and energy in addressing these and it will pay off brilliantly in your manifestation and realization of your best year yet in 2014.

3 Keys - Move, eat, believe

Get Spiritual – spend time focusing on being in alignment with your Spiritual good. It is called many things… Universal energy, higher self, The Unified Field, or even (dare I say it?) God. Religion is not required, just spending a few minutes per day finding your ‘centre’. Sit and focus on your breathing and releasing your mind to relax for a few moments. Then, once you are centred, spend a few moment simply visualizing what great health would look and feel like for you. Be sure to enjoy the feeling
Remember – ‘You are what you eat”. So, start by simply becoming conscious about what you eat. Take the knowledge that you have and put it into action by making healthy choices with each meal or snack. Then, make an appointment to meet with our Naturopath, Nerena Morris, to have a review of your current health, lifestyle habits, and to create a plan for how to transform your health gradually over the next year so that you can look and feel your best ever.

Move it or lose it! – If you have difficulty with exercise due to uncertainly about what to do, a personal trainer is a good start. Most can help you be creative with the types of activities that can get you moving, and having fun at the same time. If you are having trouble due to pain, get a clinical opinion from a Chiropractor to address the common underlying alignment problems that can result in pain with movement.