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What can your pulse(s) tell you?

What can your pulse(s) tell you?

Can your pulse tell you something about your health? The answer is a resounding YES!

Most people relate taking your pulse with your heart rate and your level of exertion but in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pulse taking is a diagnostic tool that reveals underlying medical conditions. TCM pulse diagnosis is a subtle complex skill that is honed over time by practitioners.

Life is a process of energy flowing, communicating in balance with nature.  Your pulse is your body’s energy reflected externally.

How do you know if your pulse is healthy?

  • Both pulses (left and right) should be in balance with each other. That means that the Ying (female) and Yang (male) energies are in balance.
  • Your pulse should be in balance with nature in other words your body’s energy should follow the seasons e.g. If the season is autumn then your pulse should be “floaty” like the leaves floating from the trees.
  • A healthy pulse should be “spirited”, elastic and “lively”. It is said to have “stomach energy” and it is an indication of good healing….

Do you want to know more? Talk to Dr. Linsey to find out about your pulse and what it says about you.