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How do you go from this…………and this…to this!

How do you go from this…………and this…to this!

Golf Health Quiz

  1. Have you suffered with sore and stiff joints and muscles on the golf course?

  2. Do you find that you feel better after visiting your favourite sports clinician only to find that a few days or weeks later the symptoms return?

  3. Are you concerned about taking anti-inflammatory medicines on an ongoing basis to manage the pain in your muscles, tendons and joints? Especially as they are only treating the symptoms of pain and not the underlying cause?

  4. Do you ever wonder why you suffer with these problems while people your same age do not? 

  5. If you think it is because of your old sports injuries, or your job, or your age, ask yourself if everyone in that same situation has the same problems? 

  6. Do you get to the 19th hole and have a sore back, sore knees, or sore feet? Or worse yet, you get to the 14th and wish you could just walk into the clubhouse? 

  7. Would you like to find out if there is an underlying cause of these problems that can be easily addressed and help you to recover and get your handicap back down and your enjoyment of the game back up?

If yes – read on as there is hope for easing those chronic golf injuries. 
In an 18 hole round of golf, lasting approximately 4 hours, the golfer spends just 4 minutes swinging the club to hit the ball! Plus, one hour addressing the ball, and three hours walking. Therefore, the swing is unlikely to be the source of injuries in the lower extremity, pelvis or spine. What is more likely is that underlying faulty biomechanics in the walking pattern create muscle imbalance and eventually pain in the tendons and joints. Furthermore, even if you are not suffering with chronic pain on the golf course, your swing mechanics can be significantly compromised by faulty foot function, leg length inequality, muscle imbalance and other functional factors. 

What are the key questions that you want answered?
Q1: What is the cause of my problem? 
 Often it is weakness and imbalance in the feet that is the underlying
cause of pains in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, pelvis and spine. 
Flat feet cause the leg to twist and the pelvis to tilt. This causes the
muscles and tendons to be irritated from overuse.

Q2: Can you help me to fix this problem, get out of pain, and golf better? 
The true answer is…maybe. It will depend on the findings from a thorough clinical examination including a health history, biomechanical assessment, and Gait Scan analysis to see if you are a candidate for this type of care. If we can help, we will. If not, we will refer you to just the right practitioner who can help.

Q3: What is involved? (and is the process painful?)
 Once the history and exam are completed we will explain everything and outline the way forward. This usually includes the prescription of custom foot orthotics and outlining a treatment plan for the following few weeks that may involve gentle joint adjustment, physiotherapy, exercises and a bit of coaching from your golf pro to help you incorporate your newly balanced biomechanics into your swing. 

Functional Orthotic Therapy (FOT) is the use of custom foot orthoses (shoe inserts) to support and correct biomechanical foot faults. But, not just any shoe insert. It is not just about arch support. A fully custom pair of orthotics must be prescribed using state of art pressure plate GaitScan technology to identify the exact foot function (or dysfunction) when the foot is weight bearing and the body is in motion.