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What our patients say

"I got my orthotics in October, as part of a wider campaign to improve my health - and more importantly to play better and more consistent golf...

My handicap has reduced by two shots, I don't play the last 2-3 holes with feet dragging along behind, and I recently made the semi-finals of the match play championships. Along the way I have ditched two pairs of golf shoes that were obviously too small and can honestly say that I hardly notice having feet nowadays - that in itself was worth the investment!

It's a great feeling to stand over a shot knowing that the platform for the swing is now stable, and that comfort also applies to walking and general day to day activity. Although I have had custom made orthotics before these have a much better top layer (my others slipped a lot) and they give the impression of being built to last.

I look forward to continuing the improvement, while remaining comfortable and stable!"

Andrew W, age 49.


Bradley is a 15 year old distance runner. Last October when his training programme was changed he started to get pains in his left ankle, knee and hip. After continued exercises that were suggested by other health professionals the pain continued every time he ran. I finally talked him into going and seeing Dr Cherye.

We booked in a GaitScan (orthotics were ordered) and he started to receive regular adjustments from Dr Cherye building up to the Secondary School National athletics competition in December. At this meet it was his first time running 3000 metres on the track. He did a PB of 9.17.47 coming 4th in NZ for junior boys.

Since wearing in his orthotics he has had no pain He ran a personal best at WBHS schools athletics day in the 1500 metres. Two weeks ago he came first in the intermediate boys 3000 metre North Harbour Secondary schools meet at North Harbour Stadium. After this race a lady went up to him and said it was lovely to watch him running. This week he came a very close 2nd in the 1500 metres. At the end of the run he said all his fellow runners were complaining of sore muscles, he had no pain.

Orthotics have definitely helped and improved Bradley's running. With the help of Dr Cherye and his coach at Westlake Boys we look forward to a great future in his running career.”

Testimonial W by Bradley's mum
Bradley H, age 15.


"Although I am only 26 years old, it has been an incredibly long journey for me to get to this point I am now with my mobility. I have experienced chronic pain in my foot since the age of 10, and got stomach ulcers at 12 due to the continuous use of strong NSAIDS (anti-inflammatories). At age 22 I was told that a surgery would help, however this made things worse. I had an iliac bone graft and an arthrodesis of the cuneiform and medial navicular joint in my foot due to bilateral degeneration of those joints. Unfortunately the arthrodesis did not work, so I was not able to use my foot. I also ended up with a lot of nerve pain from the iliac bone graft. Around 5 months after surgery, I was eventually told by a surgeon that I would no longer be able to walk due to the failed arthrodesis. To stimulate the bone growth at the site of the failed arthrodesis, I went overseas and spent a year receiving intensive acupuncture and TCM. These treatments were successful in stimulating the joint to fuse, but it had limited effect in regards to facilitating my ability to walk.

I have had various orthotics before and after the surgery made by different physiotherapist and podiatrists which were marginally helpful, but because I was told that these orthotics would create the best outcome possible, I became emotionally attached to them. Then my Chiropractor encouraged me to try something new and different - TOG orthotics using GaitScan technology. The dynamic assessment of my feet was used to prescribe custom, dynamic, semi-flexible orthotics that work great, and fit into the shoes I wear.

Now I am able to get fit for my upcoming wedding by running! I can now run (admittedly slowly) for 4 km with limited pain. I have also gone on a 20km return hike to Cape Kidnappers. This is no big deal for most 26 year olds, but for me it is a fantastic development in my mobility. Having tried everything including conventional western medicine, drugs, physiotherapy, podiatry, osteopathy, a range of health supplements and inappropriate orthotics, I am glad I persisted and found the GaitScan analysis system and TOG orthotics. They have significantly improved my quality of life and I now look forward to a happier and healthier, and a future with less pain." 

Adora K, age 26.


"Thank you so much for the orthotics and for all your advice and help this year.

I have had a fun adventure wearing in my new “friends”. It was just like you said - first I had aching feet, then a sore hip, then bilateral glut pain, then cramps in my hammies and calves.... all these things appearing one at a time and only lasting about a day...and all new aches and sensations from my usual. It was fun feeling my body reorganise itself.

I have been doing my usual walking (with Keisha my German Shepherd) and have started running a bit too. It is so nice, it's as if it takes half as much energy to get anywhere. My legs don't get tired anymore like they used to. Also, when I used to run my legs always felt so heavy and it was as if my feet were sinking into the ground but now it's like I have little springs in my shoes!!!! I used to have a generally achy sacrum and right SI but these have totally disappeared. My pelvis is now more stable as well.

For years I have had to do a whole bunch of conditioning with yoga and squats etc just so that I could run pain free. But since I have been having a bit of a healing crisis recently with my general health, I have done none of these things. I just went straight into jogging with my orthotics and it feels so good! I'm so looking forward to see how they go at the gym.

I always thought I should be able to train my way out of shin splints but now I see that my biomechanics were undoing all my hard work. No wonder the professional golfers aren't allowed to wear them, they are totally performance enhancing! There are plenty more important things I can put my energy into than the never ending effort to strengthen my feet and legs just so that I can run or walk without having to worry about the pain it might cause me later. However, I am glad that I ran the experiment through, because I got to experience what it felt like with and without training and with and without orthotics.

Finally, I just want to add that I am thoroughly enjoying the new happy sensation that my feet have when I put my shoes on in the morning. I used to hate wearing shoes but now it is a relief to put them on. I love it! It just feels good. I never realised how much energy I was using up just by walking round with unsupported feet. I knew that the orthotics would help with the shin splints but I never imagined that they would feel this good and save me so much energy. I will contact you soon to get a nice pair of lovely new FashionFlex “friends” for my dress shoes?"

Jan O.