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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

At Pure Healthcare in Albany, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are delivered by a professional Chinese medical doctor, and have a positive and powerful healing effect on diseases or disorders by activating the body’s self-healing ability. Acupuncture and TCM are globally accepted as useful treatments, with hundreds of scientific medical studies proving its effectiveness in treating a wide range of conditions. The wisdom and practice of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been successfully maintaining people’s health for thousands of years.

Acupuncture and TCM are a “holistic” approach to help the body to restore balance on many levels. Practitioners use a variety of techniques to create change in the physical body as well as the emotional and Spiritual bodies. Acupuncture and TCM herbal treatments can be used separately, or in combination to achieve the desired outcome for the patient.

Our Acupuncturists at Pure Healthcare in Albany, use a thorough and detailed approach to assess your health from both a Chinese medicine perspective, and Western medical perspective, to decide on the most appropriate course of treatment. In addition to Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, dietary / lifestyle advice, exercise (Tai Chi) or breathing techniques (qi gong) may be provided to help you recover better and faster.

The usual course of care involves 6-8 treatments to see how the body responds to the treatment, and to determine the next phase of treatment, if required. This varies considerably depending on the nature of the complaint, and the current state of the patient’s health. The longer the condition has been present, and the worse the patient’s basic state of health, the longer the treatments take to achieve the desired outcome.

How acupuncture can help you?

Acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of conditions .

A few conditions we focus on at Pure Healthcare are:

  • Pain relief and injury healingAcupuncture and Massage Therapy
  • Period problems: painful period, heavy period, irregular period
  • Pregnancy complications: morning sickness, back/shoulder pain, breech position of baby, labour induction
  • Breast feeding difficulties: low milk flow, mastitis,
  • Hormonal imbalances: hot flush, menopause
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Weight loss
  • Pari-cancer treatment: helping with chemotherapy and radiotherapy side effects
  • Neurological diseases: post-stroke, facial paralysis(Bell’s palsy), carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Addictions –smoking, alcohol, food
    Skin disorders: acne, eczema, shingles/herpes zoster,
  • Emotional disorders and psychological conditions: depression, anxiety, stress, sleeping difficulties.
Acupuncture and Massage Therapy

What kind of treatment can I expect?

In addition to needling acupuncture points, an acupuncture treatment may include other Chinese medicine techniques such as:

  • Moxibustion: application of indirect heat using moxa (therapeutic herbs) and/or heat lamps to warm and relax muscles and energy meridians
  • Tuina (Chinese therapeutic massage): to relieve muscle tension, stimulate acupressure points, open energy meridians and stimulate the flow of qi (energy)
  • Electro-acupuncture: a very low frequency current (1Hz) is applied to the needle to increase blood flow, relax muscle tissue and clear stagnant qi (energy)
  • Cupping: glass cups with a vacuum seal are placed on the skin to stimulate blood flow and clear stagnant energy
  • Herbal medicine: The use of a variety of
  • Chinese herbs to bring relief of symptoms, or to facilitate balance of the patient’s physiology to enhance healing.
  • Auricular (ear) Acupuncture: uses acupuncture points located on the ear.
Acupuncture Auckland

What are the benefits of Acupuncture?

  • Acupuncture is completely natural and very safe ( In contrast to western medicine, acupuncture is extremely safe and well-tolerated. The incidence of adverse effects is 0.0005% per 10,000 treatments, and 0.0055% per 10,000 individual patients).
  • The results are often experienced within a few treatments.
  • Ideal for patients who do not like or respond to biomedical drugs
  • Acupuncture is more cost-effective than a lot of medical interventions including surgeries, IVF and joints replacement.
  • Treatment can be done in conjunction with prescription drugs or other medical or alternative treatments (i.e. – Chiropractic, Massage, Naturopathy.)

What to do before an appointment

Have something to eat 1-2 hours prior to your acupuncture appointment. This can be a snack or fruit. Ideally you should not be too hungry or too full. Do not brush your tongue or drink beverages containing caffeine prior to your appointment.
Wear loose and comfortable clothes.
If you have had any medical investigations such as, X-rays, scans or have seen a specialist please bring your reports in.

What to expect during an appointment

On your first visit I will conduct an extensive interview of your condition and general health. Questions are tailored to the problem that you are presenting with. Some questions may seem irrelevant, such as – Do you catch colds easily? Do you have cold hands and feet? Do you bruise easily? Are there any foods you crave? Are you groggy in the mornings? Can you describe your stools? The answers to questions like these all weave together to create an overall pattern of health or disease.
Tongue and pulse is then assessed. Subtle variations in the pulses in the wrist provide a wealth of information about how the body is functioning. Sound of voice, the condition of the tongue, smell, overall appearance of face and skin, emotions-all are important indicators on the state of your body’s internal organs.

Lastly your abdominal region will be palpated (if indicated) again to assist in determining the underlying pathology. I will be looking for temperature variations, areas of tenderness, firmness and softness.

Once a diagnosis has been reached it is explained and discussed with the patient. A treatment plan is made which will not only involve needles but may include Chinese herbs, moxibustion, cupping, soft tissue mobilization, manipulation, exercise prescription and/or dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

The tiny thin needles are specifically designed to be virtually painless on entry into the skin. Once the practitioner reaches the acupuncture point the patient should experience a heavy or achy feeling. This is described as deqi in Chinese texts, or the obtaining of the qi. Some will cause a temporary zing, like a muscle spasm. However, within five minutes you should feel perfectly relaxed and comfortable. Often people will be so relaxed, they fall asleep.

What to do after an appointment

Most people experience a sense of relaxation or tiredness after a treatment. To assist the treatment it is advisable that you allow your body to rest, ensure that you drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.

Can I get ACC assistance?

Our Acupuncturists are registered ACC treatment providers. You do not need your GP’s referral to receive ACC assistance; you can come directly to us. If you do not already have an ACC claim number, you will need to see either the Chiropractor as part of your initial visit.