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Chiropractic – What’s the Big Idea?

Chiropractic Techniques : Gentle & Effective

Diversified Technique

Following a thorough assessment of the spinal or extremity joints to identify precisely where there is altered motion or position, a specific manual impulse of pressure is applied to free up the joint motion and restore normal function. With this type of adjustment the patient may feel and hear the joint move as the pressure within the joint is released with the adjustment. These adjustments are a commonly use method for restoring motion and function to the spine to relieve pain and reduce nerve interference.

Thompson Technique

At Pure Healthcare in Albany, Chiropractors use the latest in professional treatment tables. These specialist tables use a mechanism developed by Dr. Clay Thompson. These tables are displayed at the Smithsonian Institute in America as an exceptional innovation in Chiropractic science. The tables have a mechanism that allows the table to have a shallow drop motion. This allows the Chiropractor to create the precise joint motion required, without twisting and stretching the spine and muscles to the extreme. Many patients find this very comfortable and effective.

Activator Method®

The Activator instrument is a hand held, spring loaded device, used by the Chiropractor to deliver a constant, low force, rapid impulse into the spine. It is very gentle, and many patients prefer this to manual adjustments. There have been numerous scientific studies investigating the effectiveness of the Activator Instrument and the Activator Method that is use to determine the location of the adjustments. Here at Pure Healthcare Albany, Chiropractors and patients alike find that they get great results using this technique.

Soft Tissue Techniques

The bones are attached to the muscles and tendons in the body. Therefore, the Chiropractors at Pure Healthcare in Albany, may supplement the Chiropractic adjustments with a brief session of soft tissue therapy. This may be massage, myofascial trigger point therapy, or passive stretching. If more involved soft tissue therapy is required, you may be referred to one of our other massage therapist for soft tissue therapy.