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Your Initial Examination

During your examination, we will seek out what is causing your problem.

To do this we may perform some or all of the following tests:

  • Physical examination including…
          a spinal and postural examination;
          static palpation tests – assessing the bones, joints and muscles
  • Neurological examination – sensation, reflexes, muscle strength, balance, etc
           orthopedic tests – assessment of your joint function and movement;
  • X-ray examination [If necessary] on referral to your local facility
    Once we have reviewed your tests, we will explain our findings and recommend what needs to be done to attain, and maintain your health goals. If at this stage, we find anything outside of our area of expertise, we will refer you to the appropriate professional.

You will be encouraged to ask any questions throughout the examination.

Report Of Findings (Second consultation)

This is when we share with you the answers to the important questions…

What is the problem?
After reviewing and collating your examination results your practitioner will explain the findings from your exam. This will tell you what is wrong and provide you with a diagnosis

What can you do to help me to feel better?
We will explain the type of treatment that is best suited for you including the appropriate techniques to be used for your condition.

How long will it take for me to get better?
The answer, of course, depends on many factors including the severity of the problem, your age, your occupation and other issues that will either help or hinder your recovery. We will estimate the time it will take based on all of these factors as they are specific to you.

How much will it cost?
Again, this depends on a variety of factors. We will outline the care plan that we recommend for you including the number of visits we think you will need and the frequency of those visits. See the fees schedule chart by clicking here