Thursday 26th March 2020

Important message from Pure Healthcare

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Kia Ora

Please read this entire message so that we can help you to the best of our ability.


Over the past several days we have waited to communicate with our patients as there was uncertainly as to whether our services were going to be considered “essential”. However, we have now had clear advice that even providing treatment for those in “intractable” severe pain, is too dangerous when considering any risk to Covid 19. 


As such Pure Healthcare is closed for this initial 4 week “lock-down”.


From today, during normal business hours, incoming calls will be forwarded to a member of our admin team to help anyone with an urgent need for advice from our Chiropractors or Acupuncturists.  They will contact your practitioner, and have them call you as soon as they can.  Otherwise, the admin team member can help you with making and changing appointments, ordering products, or other logistical matters.


Please note that we are booking patients in for care from 23rd April as we anticipate huge demand upon our return to the clinic, and want to give everyone a chance to be seen for treatment. If the “lock-down” time is extended, we will contact everyone and move their appointment further out.    


We are offering FREE consultations about how you can optimize your immunity and general health during this time using supplementation, nutrition and stress management.  Please call the clinic to book a telephone consult with one of our practitioners for guidance and ordering of products that can then be shipped directly to your home. 


Please refer to this website, and our Facebook page, for further details.  We will be posting videos, blogs and relevant articles and information regarding how best to safeguard yourself and your family against this very serious viral infection, and others. This advice will include, support and relevant information about avoiding illness by optimizing your immunity and general health.


Of course, the best way to avoid illness is to NOT come in contact with the virus.  As such, please do stay home, practice social separation if you do have to go out for essentials, be kind to one another, and save lives by following government and medical advice.  But mostly, stay healthy, and let us know if we can help you.


Kia Kaha


The Pure Team

Cherye, Jason, Phillips, Ivy, Kerry, Gill, Connie, Pauline, Jayne, Julie and Catherine