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ACC: Getting help with an injury

Have you recently suffered from an injury or are you carrying a nagging overuse injury?

The sooner you get that seen to—the quicker your recovery will be.

After a sporting injury, impact injury, collision injury or nagging overuse injury, make an appointment to see a practitioner at Pure Healthcare, so that we can rule out anything more serious, and start the recovery process.

As a multidisciplinary alternative natural healthcare clinic, we can offer treatments that are very effective without drugs, surgery, injections or long periods of rest. We can get you back in action quickly.
Come see one of our highly trained practitioners that are ACC registered. No GP referral is required..

We can open an ACC claim for you and get you back doing what you love pain free.

Come see us for advise and treatment on:

          · any sprain or strain in the legs or arms

          · neck or back pain

          · collision or contact injury—whiplash injury

          · swollen or inflamed area

          · any painful area that is not responding to the “usual treatment”

Let us help ease the pain—by making an appointment, opening an ACC claim, and starting treatment asap. Our practitioners can also refer you to a medical specialist if required.

FREE Treatment under ACC for Acupuncture at Pure Healthcare. There is a co-payment for chiropractic under ACC to see a senior associate but there is no ACC co-payment to see a junior associate.

New patients receive a FREE 30 minute massage.

Here are some tips for initial home self care that you can do until you can see us:

R—Rest. Do not keep using the painful/injured area, as you will risk doing further damage. After an assessment we can tell you when it is safe to return to your sport.

I—Ice. This will help any inflammation and/swelling around the painful area.

Here are some tips for initial home self care that you can do until you can see us:

C—Compression. Supporting the area will help with swelling and support the injury. Be careful not to strap anything too tight to constrict blood flow.

E—Elevate. Where possible keep the injured area above your heart level to aid your bodies lymphatic drainage and circulation to the injured area.

If you have had any head trauma, no matter how minor— do not continue with your activity and seek medical treatment. Concussion Is not always associated with a loss of consciousness and needs to be thoroughly assessed.

Receiving care at Pure Healthcare through ACC

Making a claim is easy. If you are injured; the first thing you need to do is make an appointment to see either our chiropractor or go to the Accident and Medical clinic if necessary. You will need to fill out an ACC claim form, and get started on treatment for your injury. Filing a claim does not guarantee that there will be ACC coverage for your clam.

You do not need a referral from your GP to see our practitioners at Pure Healthcare, but you do need a referral from either a chiropractor or GP to see an acupuncturist.

When you visit us, your GP, or other treatment provider, you will be advised if you’re likely to be covered by ACC for the injury. Because no two injuries are the same, the type of assistance ACC offers varies depending on individual circumstances. To learn more click here.

After your appointment, we will submit a claim to ACC requesting coverage for the injury you have sustained. Until the claim is approved or denied we will only charge you our ACC surcharge fee if applicable. If the claim is denied for any reason, you will be invoiced for the balance of the full fees due for the services provided.

An ACC claim is usually valid for a certain number of treatments, depending on the diagnosis, for up to 1 year from the date of injury.

For standard claims, ACC must make a decision and notify you within 21 days. But they can extend this to a total of four months if they need more information.

If ACC doesn’t comply with any of these time limits, the law treats ACC as having accepted your claim and you will have cover for your injury.

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