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Addressing Male Fertility Factors

In Chinese Medicine the belief is that the QI (vital life force) of the female and male at the time of conception is determining to the QI passed on to the baby. This is similar to the Western explanation and emphasis of genetics. Applying this to modern fertility practices, we strive for both male and female counterparts to be at optimum health when trying to conceive.

Many couples find it valuable and supportive to work together to make changes in diet and lifestyle that are beneficial to promoting fertility. Additionally, the journey of trying to conceive and carrying a baby to full term is emotionally stressful and isolating for many couples. It can be challenging to know how to best support yourself and your partner. For men, much of the information and research out there is not as available and accessible compared to the resources directed towards women. However, many of these recommendations are straightforward, easily applicable and warrant great results.

Fertility Suggestions and Recommendations Beneficial to Men:

  • DO NOT carry cell phones in pants pockets
  • DO NOT use/place a laptop directly in your lap
  • Eliminate/reduce sugar
  • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, particularly beer
  • Stop smoking of any kind
  • Avoid hot tubs, saunas and extremely hot showers
  • Eliminate/reduce bike riding, particularly long distance
  • Avoid/limit decongestants and antihistamines

Sperm count can decrease if scrotal temperature increases even 1 degree. And newer evidence shows that our beloved tech devices (cell phones, laptops, ipads) are decreasing both sperm count and motility. An Argentinian study published in Fertility & Sterility found that electromagnetic frequencies, such as WIFI, reduce sperm count and motility after only 4 hours of exposure.



It is important to have a recent semen analysis.


Ideal ranges per analysis:

  • Sperm Count: 20 million or more
  • Motility: 50% or more
  • Morphology: 30% or more by WHO standards. Kruger, a stricter test, provides 14% as a guideline. 

Acupuncture, herbs, supplements and diet/lifestyle changes can increase sperm count and motility, and regulate morphology.

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