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What is a GaitScan

A diagnostic tool used to analyze your functional foot biomechanics. The data from this dynamic foot scanner is then used to prescribe custom foot orthotic. The Gait Doctor, Dr. Cherye Roche, at Pure healthcare in Albany, notes that the TOG GaitScan system has 4096 sensors, and a scan rate of 300 frames per second. GaitScan™ is a state of the art diagnositic tool that assists Dr. Cherye to assess how your foot function is effecting the dynamic motion of your entire kinetic chain from your foot/ankle, through your knees and hip, as well as into your pelvis and spine. Then, she can prescribe a pair of custom dynamic functional foot orthotics to balance your foot function.

The step by step process that The Gait Doctor uses analyse your dynamic walking pattern using the GaitScan system is as follows:

There are 3 phases in the process

  • Phase I: Dr. Cherye Roche, a qualified doctor of chiropractic conducts a clinical biomechanical examination looking at your posture, foot function, leg length, etc
  • Phase II: You then walk across the GaitScan plate to determine the dynamic pattern of the movement of your foot whilst walking. Detailed reports are printed to provide take home data to share with your other healthcare practitioners, family and friends. The clinical examination results are compared to the GaitScan reports and are then used to send to the laboratory in Canada for analysis and use in the prescription of custom foot orthoses if appropriate. Dr Roche will recommend the inclusions of orthotics to your care plan, and the type of orthotics that would be best suited to your individual foot type and foot wear needs if / when it is appropriate.
  • Phase III: After having all of your questions answered, and you decide to choose to include custom orthotics in your care plan, you purchase the orthotics and an order is placed. The data from your gait analysis report and the physical examination findings are sent to the laboratory via the internet. The orthotics are manufactured to the prescribed specifications and they are returned to the clinic. This process takes approximately 30 days. You schedule for a fitting visit where the orthotics are fitted to your shoes, and evaluated to be sure they are working well.

If you are a candidate for custom orthotics, the can help you to recover faster and better from your condition. Approximately 70% of New Zealanders would benefit from using custom orthotics. Now that you know that this is a viable option for you, make the call and have a biomechanical assessment and GaitScan analysis with Dr. Cherye Roche at Pure Healthcare Albany today!

Are orthotics right for you?

In your mind tick the conditions below that apply to you:

  • Muscle pain, tension or spasm?
  • Pain and grinding in the knee? (Patello-Femoral Tracking Syndrome)
  • Low back or sacroiliac pain? (Sciatica)
  • Leg length inequality?
  • Ball of the foot pain? (Metatarsalgia)
  • Bunions? (Hallux valgus)
  • Foot arch pain? (Plantar fasciitus / heel spur)
  • Shin splints / calf pain? Posterior Tibial Tendon Disorder

Symptoms that…

  • Increase with running, walking or standing?
  • Do not responding to physio, rest / stretching?
  • That improve with care but return with activity?

YES to any of these means that you may be a candidate for gait analysis using Gait Scan technology, and custom foot orthotics based on the findings from the GaitScan. This will ultimately address the underlying problem and help to resolve the condition.

Your feet are the foundation of your walking and standing – very important!

Your feet directly impact your weight bearing joints by supporting the position and function of all of the joints in your kinetic chain (ankles, knees, hips, pelvis and spine). This is amplified 4 times whilst running! A small problem in your feet, can create a subtle yet substantial changes in the way you walk. This then can cause a chain reaction in your other joints, interfering with your posture, walking, and creating abnormal stress in the joints.

Orthotics – not just arch supports!

Orthotics are not just insoles that fit into your shoe to lift your arches. Proper orthotics are a biomechanical device to control your foot motion and prevent the stresses in the foot that cause over-pronation. As the foot is the foundation for the entire skeletal system, faulty foot mechanics can cause faulty movement in any of the joints in the body that rest on the feet – meaning most of them.

Not all orthotics are created equal. Off the shelf orthotics are not bad, they are just generic, and not specifically designed to meet the dynamic functional needs of your whole foot. To get this precisely right, to meet your individual biomechanical requirements, your practitioner has referred you for gait analysis and custom orthotics because without them, your symptoms are likely to return, despite good treatment.

Custom vs generic orthotics?

Generic orthotics are just that, a simple arch support with no correction in the rearfoot (heel) or forefoot (ball of foot). Custom foot orthotics reduce the stress on the joints and muscles by helping to rebalance your feet. When this is done successfully there is a reduction in pain and discomfort by enhancing and optimizing the body’s natural movements. Dr Roche prescribes orthotics uniquely designed to meet your needs to balance biomechanical faults in your foot function. These devices enhance the treatment provided by your practitioner by speeding up the healing process with longer lasting results. This gets you moving again and back in the game faster and better.

Orthotics can be made to fit in virtually any footwear!

Even in ladies shoes. Move them from shoe to shoe, or purchase a pair for each pair of shoes. This is often necessary when specialist orthotics are required for specific sports or occupational activities. Examples are SoccerFlex, SkiFlex, RunFlex, CushionFlex, FashionFlex, DressFlex, etc. There is even a range of sandals that can have your orthotic prescription built into the sandal footbed! Dr Roche wants to help you get back to work or back in the “game” faster and better. So call today to book a GaitScan analysis and biomechanical assessment today.

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