7 Signs That You Need to See a Chiropractor for Your Neck Pain
Everyone gets a stiff neck once and awhile. It might happen first thing in the morning after a bad nights sleep, or it might be at the end of a long stressful workday. If you are battling to turn you..
Running Injuries Bad Training Or Bad Biomechanics? Top Running Problems Revealed and Resolved!
In the October issue of Channel Magazine Dr Cherye looks at the best way to stay injury free when running
Post Injury – When Is It Safe To Get A Massage?
Getting back to your injury-free state can be easy when you understand the healing process and learn what to do
Can Acupuncture Help Treat Your Running Injury?
The largest clinical study of acupuncture ever conducted was published in the December 2004 Annuals of Internal Medicine and found acupuncture to significantly reduce and improve function in patients .
5 Ways Acupuncture Can Fix Your Health Problems -
Mens Health Magazine Article How acupuncture works may be unclear, but the benefits stick out. Research shows that this ancient therapy can be an effective treatment for a wide variety of ailments, from back pain and sciatica to ...
Infertility in men may decrease with acupuncture
Male partners are the cause in approximately 40-50% of fertility problems. Research has shown that acupuncture improves sperm production and quality.
Boost your “flu-fighter” with Chiropractic care
Your body has the best “flu-fighter” ever - naturally built into it! The Chiropractors at Pure Healthcare in Albany NZ, are reaching out to our community to help in the fight against “the flu” an...
Top 5 tips to improve asthma
Many kiwis are affected by this chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), also known as asthma. But there are things you can do to improve your asthma. Below are the top 5 tips on how to improve ..
Is your posture causing your headache / migraine?
Dr Cherye Roche – doctor of Chiroprctic and clinic director at pure healthcare in Albany, shares her insights from over 20 years of clinical and academic experience in the treatment headaches, and th..
6 steps to beating Acne
Most of us, except for the occasional lucky sods, suffer from hormonal acne at some point in our lives. Young males are the common victims during their teenage years due to the hormonal roller coaster...
Get Relief from a stiff neck
Constant stiffness and aches in the neck can make life challenging, whether it be affecting your work and hobbies, or quite simply the way you function on a day to day basis. Massage therapy has prove...
Getting moving after whiplash
The severity of the whiplash injury does not always correlate to the degree of injury, even a minor whiplash type injury can result in severe symptoms
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
You probably think it’s strange for a chiropractor to be writing about carpal tunnel syndrome, as you think they “only deal with the spine”. In my extensive training to become a doctor of chiroprac..
Poor breathing habits and chronic neck pain
Breathing is the most basic and yet arguably the most vital act that our body needs to perform in order to stay alive. If done poorly, it may lead to neck pain, and ultimately a headache.
Reduce Menopausal Hot Flushes with Acupuncture
Are you or a loved one going through menopause and can’t take the heat? Studies show acupuncture may be effective in reducing the severity of symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats during meno...
How a post-ride rubdown can improve your recovery as well as your circulation
After a long and hard training ride on the saddle, you can’t deny the fact that your muscles will feel tight, tense and taut. Before you know it, an achy lower back may lead to a tight hip, causing t..
A Sports Chiropractor’s take on Bike set-up Biomechanics
Dr. Jason Berry, a Sports Chiropractor at Pure Healthcare in Albany, wants to help you ride faster and stronger. Having the right bike set up is critical to be in efficient and injury free on your bi...
Are you at risk for Osteoporosis?
15% of women and 3% of men over the age of 50 suffer from osteoporosis. Bone degeneration and subsequent loss of height, due to osteoporosis was accepted as a normal part of ageing but that doesn't ha...
Increase your chance of conception
Seeing an acupuncturist as the first step in infertility treatments could save time, energy and cost
Looking for a Change? March 11th is “Change Day NZ”
From the Change Day NZ website: “Change Day is a time when we can all come together to help improve the healthcare experience for everyone. We’re inviting you to become a change-maker and make a di..
Pregnancy Fatigue
Top Tips to experience a Healthy Pregnancy with less fatigue, discomfort and distress. Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy removes interference to the mother's nervous system, enhancing baby dev...

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Sports Chiropractic : A Drug Free Approach To Injury Care & Performance Enhancement
Dr. Cherye Roche, Clinical Director at Pure Healthcare NZ, and member of the NZCA Sports Council explains: “Athletes appreciate that Chiropractic is an excellent addition to drug free injury management, and peak performance. This is especially true with regard to neuro-musculoskeletal problems in the spine and extremities.” A recent New Zealand study suggests an improvement in proprioception of arm movements after subjects receive a Chiropractic adjustment to the cervical spine[1]. This can enhance performance in sports such as cricket or squash where awareness and control of the bat or racket are critical. Another benefit being researched is enhancement and proper functioning of core abdominal muscles, which are also vital for sports performance2.

he Chiropractic Sports Council supports an integrated approach to sports injury care.      Dr. Roche points out that many international events include Doctors of Chiropractic in their multidisciplinary approach to the care of elite athletes.  At a recent Sports Chiropractic conference in Queenstown, the keynote speaker was former All Blacks Sports Physician, Deb Robinson. She shared a few clinical pearls and great stories about the work that Chiropractors have done to help elite athletes achieve their best performance, naturally. 

Dr. Roche notes that “The average patient is happy to get out of pain and return to their active lifestyle.  For athletes, it is about getting that extra 5% improvement to achieve a PB in time, distance, strength or endurance. A Sports Chiropractor can help get that extra bit of performance in a competition, by helping an athlete perform more effectively and efficiently.

Here are a few examples of local amateur athletes who have benefited from Sports Chiropractic to reduce those little niggles that sometimes impede training and competition.

“I like to use chiropractic care as a prehab, looking to prevent potential problems from the most likely source.  Physically I feel great after an adjustment. My back feels lose, pelvis balanced and my joints more mobile which not only helps me to compete at my best but also train at a high intensity for longer with fewer/or no injuries. Chiropractic care has been an important part of my general health care, even before becoming an athlete. But as I pursue my athletic career the importance of regular adjustments has increased. My body is constantly under high levels of physical and mental stress and regular adjustments keeps me physically and mentally on track. For me, chiropractic care not only helps me compete at my best, but also (just as importantly) to train for hard long hours with minimal aches and niggles.” 

“Last October I started to get pains in my left ankle, knee and hip. After following treatment suggested by other health professionals, the pain continued every time I ran. Finally I saw Dr. Cherye at Pure Healthcare.  Following the initial exam, she booked me for a GaitScan, from which custom orthotics were ordered.  I started with treatments with Dr Cherye while I was building up to the Secondary School National athletics competition in December. This meet was my first time running 3000 metres on the track. I had a PB of 9.17.47 coming 4th in NZ for junior boys.

Since starting Chiropractic care, and wearing in my orthotics, I have had no pain. I ran a PB at WBHS schools athletics day in the 1500m. Two weeks ago I came first in the intermediate boys 3000m North Harbour Secondary schools meet at North Harbour Stadium. This week I came in a very close 2nd in the 1500m. At the end of the run the other athletes were complaining of sore muscles, but I had no pain.

The combination of Chiropractic care and custom orthotics has definitely improved my training and racing. With the help of Dr Cherye, and my coach at Westlake Boys, I look forward to a great future in my running career.

Andrew has taken full advantage of the services offered at Pure Healthcare by seeing Dr. Liang (acupuncturist), Robert Smith (massage therapist) and Dr. Roche (Chiropractor), who included custom orthotics to his care plan to enhance his response to Chiropractic care and improve his golf game.  Andrew describes his experience as follows….

“I got my orthotics in October, as part of a wider campaign to improve my health – and more importantly to play better and more consistent golf.  My handicap has reduced by two shots! I don’t play the last 2-3 holes with feet dragging along behind. And, I recently made the semi-finals of the match play championships. I can honestly say that I hardly notice having feet nowadays at the end of a round – that in itself was worth the investment!  I look forward to continuing the improvement, while remaining comfortable and stable!”Chiropractors across New Zealand work with many amateur athletes from local netball, rugby, cricket and athletic clubs to reduce injuries, heal faster and to go higher, faster and stronger, so that they can someday represent their country in sport.  This is where I get the greatest joy in practice”!  Exploring the Neuromodulatory Effects of the Vertebral Subluxation and Chiropractic Care, Heidi Haavik Taylor, Kelly Holt, Bernadette Murphy, Chiropr J Aust 2010; 40:37-44
The effect of Sacroiliac Joint Manipulation on Feed-Forward Activation Times of the Deep Abdominal Musculature, Paul Marshall, PGDipSci and Bernadette Murphy DC PhD, Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics Volume 29, Number 3



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