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What is a Discovery Session?

Welcome to Pure Healthcare and our Discovery Session.

A Discovery Session is simply an opportunity for you to meet with our practitioners face to face and have a brief conversation about your health problem. We will ask a few questions, and allow you to ask questions of us. Based on this interaction, we can let you know if we think we can help, and what would be involved.

If you are not a good candidate for the services we offer, we will make recommendations about what would be the best alternative option for you to consider next.

If we can help you, we can arrange for a new patient visit for you so that we can then take a full health history, conduct a complete physical examination, and then provide a report of our findings.We will then answer the 5 most important questions you will have for us…..


  1. What is wrong with me – or what is the diagnosis for my problems
  2. Can your practitioners help me with this problem and effectively get me into healing and better health
  3. How long it will take to get better and what is involved regarding the type and nature of treatment
  4. What are the costs involved.
  5. What can I expect as a long term outcome when I engage in care with your clinic.

So book a no obligation FREE discovery appointment by filling in the form to the right or by calling (09) 885 6008 or a booking.

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